Cybersecurity for the Connected Age

Working together, government and industry can help the world’s citizens reap the benefits of the digital economy while protecting our safety, security, and privacy.

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The world is more connected now than ever. Half the world’s population is now online, and billions of connected devices are connecting a wide variety of our daily activities to the Internet of Things. While these online connections bring opportunity, they also create risk, including large-scale data theft, privacy violations, phishing scams, ransomware, and malicious information operations that affect millions of people around the world each year.

Addressing this challenge to the digital economy, requires innovative cybersecurity practices and tools to defend the integrity, privacy, and utility of the Internet ecosystem. Although businesses, private citizens, and government agencies all share responsibility for enhancing cybersecurity, the government plays a singular role.


BSA’s 2023 Global Cyber Agenda

Four guiding principles support the most direct path toward improved cybersecurity and a more secure digital ecosystem.

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Report: BSA International Cybersecurity Policy Framework

The Cybersecurity Policy Framework provides a recommended model for a comprehensive national cybersecurity policy.

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In strategy documents, organization, and budgets, governments should emphasize strong, collaborative cybersecurity as a critical element of national security.